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  • A good selection of games
  • Telephone customer support is available
  • This website is specifically designed for mobile devices
  • A higher than average payout limit
  • The minimum withdrawal amount by bank transfer is $/€50 (or the equivalent in another currency).
  • Fees are charged for some withdrawal methods

🔎 House of Jack Overview

Is House of Jack a scam or reputable? We can answer this question quite clearly: Not only our personal experience at the online casino in the overview but also the test reports on the Internet speak a clear language! The rating is so good among users because they can easily increase their own bet in free spins with the massive bonus.

House of Jack Mainpage

🎁 House of Jack welcome bonus

The payment options in the casino are very simple and can be viewed transparently on the homepage online casino House of Jack. Unlike many other Australian casinos, however, the extensive bonus offer is not only aimed at new customers.

When gambling on the computer or via the reliable Mobile Casino House of Jack app, new customers can, just as in other legal online casinos in Australia, increase the amount of the first casino payment tenfold.

Playing online in the casino is not only worthwhile for new players who have so far tried out a different game selection because in the online casino lucrative House of Jack bonus offers also beckon active online gamblers in-between time and again.

How it performed in the test, and why Australians are so enthusiastic about the House of Jack company, you can read at your leisure on this page!

The live games convince online money players from all age groups and professions, as they are clearly structured, absolutely user-friendly to operate, there are no failures in an important game of the current game even on the go with the mobile casino, and, above all, of course, because of the exorbitantly high bonus!

The evaluation of the testimonials has even shown that many Australians are of the opinion that at the House of Jack Casino games there are the highest bonus offers in all of Australia!

💳 Payment options at the casino

In the above-mentioned test report, all live games were closely examined and evaluated.

Playing online at House of Jack is thereby also possible for Australian fortune hunters who do not have a credit card or do not want to use it for the game selection in an online casino.

The payment options in the casino include online gaming with the convenient Paypal option as well as the enormous welcome bonus, which is available for playing at the virtual table immediately after the first deposit.

House of Jack Payment Methods

It is not important for the player whether the deposited money has already been received by the casino – due to national holidays, Paypal transactions may be subject to certain delays. In this case, however, the money is advanced by the large American company, so that the players of the casino games do not have to wait until the banks are available again during their regular opening hours.

In summary, it can be said about the payment options in the casino that the reliable game modes consistently provide for an extremely positive rating and thereby ensure real gaming fun for all Australians who play in the casino online for real money.

🎰 Everything at a glance from the House of Jack Casino Login

Whether House of Jack is a scam or serious, every online gambler can easily find out for himself – even before the first deposit at the online casino has ever taken place!

To do this, any interested player can simply read the House of Jack Casino review on the Internet and find out in detail about the no deposit bonus. The transparent and easy-to-understand game offer with all conditions around the entertaining and exciting live games is not only available after login, but all conditions of the casino can be clearly displayed in the overview.

Especially for beginners in online gambling, this is a huge advantage, as they can immediately start trying out the extensive game selection without having to torture themselves for a long time through paragraphs and small print. After all, the live games are supposed to be fun while providing absolute security for gamblers!

While it happens again and again in other online casinos that bots cheat the players out of their stakes, such illegal and fraudulent behavior is immediately warned by the company, and the corresponding accounts are immediately blocked!

With the convenient Paypal payment function, online gamblers from Australia also benefit from the extensive buyer protection, which also scored highly in the big House of Jack test!

With the no deposit bonus, the huge selection of casino games can be tested until the player is really sure that he now wants to claim the considerable welcome bonus for himself and pay money for the live games. Until then, the entire offer at the casino can be used absolutely free of charge from all over Australia!

💰 Are online casino winnings tax-free in Australia?

You don’t have to be a professional to play House of Jack online casino! Even small cash winnings make the gaming experience perfect for a positive rating and these casino game winnings do not even have to be declared in Australia!

Indeed, the law clearly distinguishes the number of online casino winnings, whether it is occasional income from the mobile casino, or whether an online player regularly wins with the cash.

Only if a professional gambler regularly makes such high winnings in the casino that he can live on it (i.e. pays his rent and other running costs from it) do these earnings from online gambling have to be reported to the Australian authorities. All other winnings in the online casino are not only absolutely legal but can also be kept completely tax-free, i.e. without deductions, throughout Australia.

From the test, it is clear that the players of the live games are paid for all winnings on time. However, according to the test report, it is also not necessary to have the winnings paid out immediately.

As with the casino bonus offer, the money won can be used to simply continue playing at House of Jack online.

If the online player is perhaps already tired, this can be risky. Otherwise, however, the chances at the casino are very good that the money can be increased even further.

Many Australians have already succeeded in buying a new car, for example, or taking an extra vacation a year via the diverse selection of House of Jack casino games, and some Australians have even stated during the experience that they now no longer have to work and finance their entire lives from the winnings of the online casino: This income must be taxed in Australia – which means that the state then also earns from the bonus offer.

⚖️ Conclusion about playing online at House of Jack

The righteous customer service stands out just as positively in the House of Jack review as the high-yield bonds, which, by the way, is not only aimed at new customers.

The Paypal payment option makes the live games particularly safe, which is also reflected in the online test report. The gaming fun always remains at a high level in the exciting casino games, and the welcome bonus can be increased to a maximum in free spins.

Those who want to have their winnings from the casino transferred tax-free to their account should pay attention to the legal limits in Australia so that playing in the mobile casino remains a pleasure at all times.

Those who notice that they are no longer in full control of their own gambling behavior can seek advice from the helpful customer service of the House of Jack company about the many free help offers that are available throughout Australia for people addicted to gambling.

❓ FAQ:

1️⃣ Can I cash out the House of Jack welcome bonus?

Despite the fact that the House of Jack new customer bonus seems to be very profitable, its conditions repulse many players. House of Jack casino provides its new customers with a bonus of up to 100% up to an amount of 1,000 euros. The 1,000 euro House of Jack bonus is distributed over three deposits. However, the conditions of this offer are that it cannot be cashed out. To get it in full, a turnover in the amount of 50 times is necessary. For this, you have only seven days. So, House of Jack Casino is quite strict in terms of bonus conditions.

2️⃣ Are the stakes limited in House of Jack online casino?

Yes. The maximum bet is 7.50 euros, as long as an active bonus is released. Nevertheless, there are current deposit methods in online casinos. Austrians can deposit the money by credit card, ecoPayz, Neosurf, and uPaycard. For the withdrawal in House of Jack Casino VISA, ecoPayz, and bank transfer are offered.

3️⃣ How to contact House of Jack casino customer service if some questions arise?

For direct help, you can check out the main questions and answers section. If you prefer other ways to contact the support, there is also the live chat and the hotline. Moreover, your mail will be answered within a short time. By and large, House of Jack has qualified support that gives feedback promptly.


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