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Responsible Gambling

Jacob Preiss
| Updated: October 13, 2022

A lot of people find gambling an exciting and enjoyable pastime activity. In Australia, gambling is the number one activity, with an expenditure of over $25 billion, as of 2019. However, as much as people love to play online casino games and enjoy a good gambling experience, a certain percentage have lost control and can no longer control their urges within responsible limits.

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Gambling addiction is a serious disorder that affects the player psychologically and physically. If left unsolved, it can affect your finances, relationships, business, and other aspects of life. This article will thoroughly explain the signs and symptoms of this addiction, the reasons for it, how to prevent it, and where to get help when it happens.

The Causes of Gambling Addiction

There is no major cause of gambling addiction. Instead, it is caused by a group of interrelated factors. Most times, a gambler doesn’t immediately realize he is becoming an addict. It is easy to feed your gambling needs whenever you feel like it, but the moment you start feeling abnormal without it, there is a problem. Below are some of the risk factors of this addiction:

Mental Issues

While it might be easier for other people to gamble within the normal limits, it isn’t the same for people with mental health disorders like OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) or ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder).

This group of people is prone to compulsion or obsession with certain habits, making them an easy target for gambling addiction. Also, people who are depressed, or misuse substances might also be prone to this addiction.


According to research, young people are liable to fall into gambling addiction. They are more prone to this disorder than adults because, at the age of 18-24, their brains are still under development, and they might not be capable of logical decision-making.

At this age, they are also liable to take more gambling risks. Similarly, older adults are at risk of mental health challenges and impairment, which might affect their ability to self-limit their activities and increase their risk of gambling addiction.

External Influence

If your friends and family are heavily into gambling, chances are high that the activity might directly or indirectly influence you. It’s best to be careful whenever you are around people who gamble.

How to Tell if You’re Addicted to Gambling

Before you can work on your gambling addiction, you have to first admit and accept your addiction. Although there are no sure-fire signs to detecting your addiction, the following are symptoms that would alert and show you’re on your way there:

Desperate Need for Cash

When you start to gamble each time you’re in desperate need of money, you need to check yourself. Of course, gambling is one sure way by which people make money. If you’re very good at gambling games with huge and fast payouts, you’ll make more money than the average player.

However, when you turn to this activity, anytime you need instant cash, you have become an addict and should take a step back.

Incessant Need for Privacy

When you are so deep into gambling that you feel you need to keep this pastime a secret, it’s time to take a break or call it quits. People only keep activities a secret when they’re certain they’re doing something wrong. This is especially true when family and friends have severely warned them to curb the time spent on the site. When you find yourself constantly hiding your gambling activity, then you are probably addicted.

Take Loans

When you find yourself gambling even when you cannot afford it, you must admit there is a problem. Gambling should be a fun activity that you only engage in when you want to have fun. It should not be an activity that renders you bankrupt. Some players take loans just to keep up with their games or pay an outstanding gambling debt. When it gets to this, just take a big step back.

Withdrawal Symptoms

On days when you can not access your gambling accounts, note how you feel emotionally and physically. If you are addicted, you will feel anxious and nervous about being away from it. Once you start feeling this way, you know you are addicted.

AUCasimile Expert Tips on Responsible Gambling

The best way to tackle gambling addiction is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Here are some essential tips on how to stay safe and responsible while gaming:

Don’t Chase Money

When you gamble to make quick cash, you will surely fall into terrible gambling addiction. This is because you can’t always win your favorite games all the time and will surely incur losses at the end of the day. Don’t play games to chase money. Play to have fun, and you’ll hardly record any loss.

Give Yourself a Limit

You have to be disciplined to play games in an online casino; otherwise, you’ll quickly fall into addiction. Before you start any round, give yourself a budget and be careful never to exceed it, no matter what. When you do this, you’ll be able to enjoy your games in small doses while sticking to a certain cash bankroll.

Take Regular Breaks

Gambling is fun, but just like everything is fun, there should always be a limit. Don’t gamble all the time. Give yourself daily or weekly breaks to ensure you don’t get addicted to the dopamine rush that comes with gameplay. You can tell a friend or family to help you enforce this break without fail.

Don’t Gamble Under the Influence

Don’t play games when you are influenced by drugs or alcohol. Always maintain a clear and logical head whenever you are on a casino site. With alcohol in your system, your adrenaline and risk rush increase, leading to terrible gambling losses and addiction.

How to Prevent Aussies from Gambling Addiction

Australian casinos have a lot of features and services that can help players prevent gambling addiction. Thanks to these features, you can immediately activate them whenever you feel yourself spiraling down that track. Let’s take a look at these features:

Time Outs

Aussie casinos have timeout features whereby you can set the length of time you want to spend gambling before the game. If you cannot manually control your game time, this is an essential feature to help you stay disciplined. Whenever you set a timeout, you will not be able to access the casino during the time your account is offline.

Deposit Limit

This feature regulates the amount of money you spend on the casino. If you’re the type of player who easily gets carried away by spending huge amounts of money playing games and chasing cash-outs, this is the best feature for you. When this is activated, you cannot pay beyond the set amount in your account.

Gambling Blockers

Usually, due to accepted cookies or browsing histories, you can get casino ads while using the internet. For players who aren’t disciplined, this can spiral them back into unhealthy gambling activities. Gambling blockers are software you install on your phone to help you block casino websites before they even get to you.

What Can Gambling Companies Do to Prevent This Addiction?

While players are responsible for ensuring they don’t fall into addiction, casinos and gambling sites also have a part to play. Here is what these sites can do to ensure they help their users stay safe and responsible:

Responsible Gaming Tools

A valid casino must provide its players with essential tools to help them prevent addiction. These tools include self-exclusion features, deposit limits, timeouts, and temporary or permanent breaks. They should also support customers who reach out to them about prospective addictions. It is the duty of these sites to ensure their players are always safe.

Regular Tests

Casinos that care about their players must always make self-assessment available. This way, they can always check themselves before it becomes an addiction. The casinos can do this by affiliating themselves with support organizations that can detect and quickly correct the source of the problem whenever players reach out.

Protection of Children and Teens

We already mentioned that children and younger adults are more liable to fall into gambling addiction. This is because they are easily arrested for these flashy games and fast cash; they simply do not know when to stop. Also, their brains are not fully developed to make logical decisions. Young adults between the age of 18-20 need the supervision of older adults to play these gambling games.

For kids, supervision has to be stricter. Today, they are exposed to the extensive library of the internet, and it can be difficult for parents or guardians to monitor their activities completely. However, you have to take active steps to protect them from these sites.

As a parent, even if you are a gambling fan, you must keep this away from your kids, as they can be more badly affected than you. If you share a device with your kid, ensure you hide these apps securely in a private folder. Or you can simply restrict the device to kids’ mode while they use it.

If you don’t share a device with your kid, download blocking software to keep those apps away from their device, so they are protected whenever you are not around to monitor them.

Australian Organizations to Help You Overcome Your Addiction

The first step to solving your gambling addiction is by recognizing it. Now that you are aware that you are addicted, there is no need to worry because several services help you overcome this problem. Let’s take a look at some:

  • The Gambling Helpline: The Australian gambling helpline is: 1-800-858-858. This is a support service that Aussies can call to report their addiction or call for help. When you dial this number, the representatives will arrange for you to speak to a professional counselor. This service can be given in English or Hindi. Plus, it’s free, so all you have to do is pick up your phone and dial.
  • Lifeline: This is another organization created to help Aussie gamblers overcome their gambling addiction. You can visit their website for assistance and information on how to gamble responsibly. They offer a phone number or live chat where you can contact them for 24/7 assistance. Their call number is: 131114
  • Salvation Army: This is another Australian website that was created to help Australians through different types of problems, from gambling to domestic violence and so on. They offer in-person counseling, so you can check their website for the closest center to you.

Australian Organizations that Help With Gambling Debts

Bankruptcy and debts almost go hand-in-hand with gambling addiction. This is because these players borrow money and go to any length to feed their addiction. If you’re into debts incurred from your addiction, you will need help too. Here are some organizations to help you:

  • Christians Against Poverty: If you are into serious debts, you want to check CAP out. They have several debt management plans and counseling to help you regain your financial standing. This organization offers help without shame, as they understand that finances can easily get mismanaged for various reasons, even gambling.
  • DebtFix Foundation: If you’re already considering bankruptcy, check out this debt relief foundation. They have different tools like Shipshape or Creditors proposal for different levels of debts. They have experts and counsellors who advise and guide you on managing your finances and getting yourself out of the rabbit hole. You can contact them at 0800 3328 101.


We understand that gambling is an interesting and lucrative pastime, and it might not be easy to spot yourself falling into addiction. However, at AUCasimile, we know this is an imminent problem for Aussie players and should be discussed. This article contains everything you need to know about gambling addiction, with helpful numbers you can dial to help you overcome it.

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